Episode 4: Sindbad

Just learned this card was not called “Sinbad” after googling it to find a pic.






Am not running Timetwister here, which may be a mistake.  I give up the broken early Twisters to not draw a dead card later when I been doing work filling up the yard.  Deck could also run a Transmute or two, but that would likely mean cutting lands for Fellwars, and I wanna keep my land count high for Sindbad.  Channel also a consideration.  Ring of Renewal is real spicy here as well.



When laying out this Enchantress deck I realized it is likely too hungry for U and G mana to really run Land Tax (again if only Enchantress cost G1!)  I did keep white in the deck for Spirit Link, which seems counterintuitive, but Spirit Link is good on turn 5 while Land Tax gets a lot worse as turns go by.  Deck should certainly pay Tutor as well, but wanted more room for the spicy stuff.



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