About Me

Hi!  I have been playing Magic since spring of 1994 (right after Revised came out.)  I won a few PTQ’s in the 90’s, played in a few Pro Tours (to zero acclaim), and formed Team Sped (of which I am still a member.) These days I focus my Magic energy on Old School and Cube, which are of course the 2 best formats.  This podcast aims to be an outlet for that energy, focusing specifically on Old School.  Despite playing mostly casually* these days, I still consider myself a Spike, although I am always on the lookout for cool spots to sacrifice a little spike for spice.  My life outside of Magic is that of a stay-at-home dad for my 4 kids.  I bleed Syracuse Orange, and have been known to play Mario Kart: Double Dash maybe a little too competitively.

-Bryan Manolakos

*Despite defining myself as a casual mage, I would not play a game of EDH if my life depended on it.

4th kid not pictured, as she refused to wear her Cuse gear in favor of a “pretty pink princess dress.”