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Episode 19: Seb Celia – Hurkyl’s.dec







Episode 18: Storytime with Mark Lepine




Episode 17: Jonas Twitchen – GP Vegas 2018

Episode 16: Bonus Episode – Beta Booster Draft from GP Vegas

0:00-38:45 – Chris and I bullshitting about the upcoming draft and old cards

38:45  – The actual draft coverage starts here.

My 2017 Eternal Weekend Tourney Report



Episode 15: SCGCon – Will Magrann



Will’s Latest Version of Atog


Francis Ford’s Mono Blue Glasses Control


Jimmy Cooney’s Fungal Enchantress


David Haftner’s Titania’s Prison



Episode 14: Matt Moss – Potpourri


Doesn’t this guy remind you of the first season of True Detective?



Matt’s Novicecon report on Svante Landgraf’s blog



Episode 13: Old School on a Budget – Dave Firth Bard




Mono Black Rack


Icatian WW


Blood Moon Goblins


Flux Merfolk


R/G Beats (Swedish)


R/B Troll Disco


Deadguy Ale


B/g Dingus


Intro to Old School Google Doc





Episode 12: Storytime with Bob Maher Jr


Bob’s Power Monolith List from Kirwan’s 2018






Episode 11: Worth Wollpert – Lava Tubes




Episode 10: Jimmy Cooney – Dice City Games


Sweet poster for 2018 Back to the Past tourney

W/R Sunglasses.draft.dec


Fungal Enchantress, format staple.


Board state from EW 2017 after Jimmy Phantasmal Terrained my Factory to turn on his 2 Dandan’s (and the Control Magic in my hand.)