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Episode 25: Summer Derby Tax/Tower Deck Tech with Randy Buehler






Episode 24: Silver Anniversary Draft with David Williams and Co-host Ben Farkas





Episode 23: Tweaking Twiddles and Togs – Svante Landgraf



Svante’s blog post about the tourney – be sure to check out the entire blog, it’s great.


Twiddle Vault, now featuring 3 Recalls.


Howling Tog


Sweet tokens by Francesc Montserrat and Gregory Protic – Message me (or one of them) if you would like to buy a set.


Back of Tokens


Info for Deep Spawner’s GPLA Old School Event



Episode 22: Will Larson – Tower/Vampire.dec





Episode 21: Derek Walker – Music City Old School

Episode 20: Romancing the Stones Tourney Report – Winston Wood

Episode 19: Seb Celia – Hurkyl’s.dec







Episode 17: Jonas Twitchen – GP Vegas 2018

Episode 16: Bonus Episode – Beta Booster Draft from GP Vegas

0:00-38:45 – Chris and I bullshitting about the upcoming draft and old cards

38:45  – The actual draft coverage starts here.

My 2017 Eternal Weekend Tourney Report



Episode 15: SCGCon – Will Magrann



Will’s Latest Version of Atog


Francis Ford’s Mono Blue Glasses Control


Jimmy Cooney’s Fungal Enchantress


David Haftner’s Titania’s Prison