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Episode 41: More Old School Magic World Cup – Chris Cooper

Chris’s Island Sanctuary deck in all it’s glory

Dear Lord this stuff is sweet

This is where the magic happened

Don’t love KungMarkus’s odds here…

Just another day in the life of a Tax/Tower/Sylvan player

Finalists (Chris Cooper, George Garner, Patrick van Beek (not pictured: James Griffin)

Team South Africa – Pieter Loubser

Team South Africa – Andrew Klein

Team South Africa – Jordan Boyle

OS Magic artist Jesper Myrfor’s new game Luna and the Moonling (he designed all the environments in the game)

Episode 40: Old School Magic World Cup – Dave Firth Bard


DFB’s World Cup deck – Those one-ofs are sexy AF





Episode 39: The Times They Are a-Changin’ – Tight Tommy Guevin

Episode 38: First Year of Our Lord and Savior Atog – Will Magrann


Textbook Love/Hate Relationship







Episode 37: EW Road Trip with Jamie Parke and Mark Lepine


My Orgg.dec


Jamie’s beautiful rendition of Will’s Luvatog


Lepine’s Troll Disco featuring Hymn


I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean I mean




Episode 36: Fishliver Oil Cup – Martin Berlin


U/b Shops featuring 4 Icys


The shark is the main tech in this version of U/R




Episode 35: Bjorn Jonnie Myrbacka – Arvika Festival


Bjorn/Jonnies’s Rack/Howling Mine Combo Deck





Episode 34: Florian Von Bredow


Florian’s Most Recent Eureka Build (Note all the Alpha goodness)


Proof that I do not talk quite as much as I think I do (courtesy of FloVo’s fancy software)


Great Eureka Primer from Francesco Delfino








Episode 33: Danny Friedman – Potpourri


Danny’s version of the enemy


Danny’s Blog: Understanding Ancestral







Episode 32: Lobstercon – The Rack


Spi(c/k)e Rack


Lobstercon Report from DFB