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Episode 28: Atog, A Love Story, Chapter 3 – with Will Magrann




My kidney stone (not a shark tooth)


Actual phone in my home as of 9/7/2018


Link to the Pitcast Old School Podcast






Episode 27: Eliot Davidoff – Old School Player’s Ball


Eliot’s Living Plane (beautiful 28/15/17 build)


My much less exciting Stasis deck (Missing: 61st card miser’s Force Spike.  Also Kirby in sb = 2nd Tabby.)




Episode 26: The Sarpadian Summer Series – Jimmy Cooney





More Prizes (Plus a better pic of Nicholas Batista’s hand etched Zelyon Sword coaster!)


Winning “Tribal” Deck


Just your run of the mill Elephant tribal deck


Jimmy Cooney’s Fungal Enchantress


Typical Elephant Tribal Board State


Magic How Garfield Intended


Whole crew, looks like they had a blast


Link to Jon Patton’s Baltimore Old School Blog





Episode 25: Summer Derby Tax/Tower Deck Tech with Randy Buehler






Episode 24: Silver Anniversary Draft with David Williams and Co-host Ben Farkas





Episode 23: Tweaking Twiddles and Togs – Svante Landgraf



Svante’s blog post about the tourney – be sure to check out the entire blog, it’s great.


Twiddle Vault, now featuring 3 Recalls.


Howling Tog


Sweet tokens by Francesc Montserrat and Gregory Protic – Message me (or one of them) if you would like to buy a set.


Back of Tokens


Info for Deep Spawner’s GPLA Old School Event



Episode 22: Will Larson – Tower/Vampire.dec





Episode 21: Derek Walker – Music City Old School

Episode 20: Romancing the Stones Tourney Report – Winston Wood

Episode 17: Jonas Twitchen – GP Vegas 2018