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Episode 31: DFB – Catching Up






Rajah James’ Winning Ironroot Chef Arboria/Lich “Combo”


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Don’t forget about the Order of the Wolves GP Montreal Event!

Friday, October 5th, 8:00 PM, Bar À La Fût (right by the GP site at 5885 Papineau Street)




Episode 30: Magnus de Laval


Project M


Magnus’s Blog (If somehow you haven’t already, click this and begin reading immediately)

Jamie Parke’s Epic PT Theros Tourney Report/Rap



Episode 29: Aaron West – Shahrazad


Aaron’s deck


You’re welcome


Aaron’s Titania’s Prison from Eternal Weekend 2015


Random Pic from EW 2015 featuring both Aaron and I (me sitting playing against Kevin An, Aaron standing in grey shirt)



Episode 28: Atog, A Love Story, Chapter 3 – with Will Magrann




My kidney stone (not a shark tooth)


Actual phone in my home as of 9/7/2018


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