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Episode 6: Noobcon – Eliot Davidoff



Eliot’s Noobcon Deck


Eliot’s Deck from Kalle Nord’s Saturday “Main Tournament”


Pic of final turn of the epic battle with Lord of the Pit Danny Friedman


Standard Lich deck winning turn: lots of restricted cards and a fireball.


Kristoffer Arlefur’s 2017 Noobcon winning deck sporting Nightmare!



Episode 5: Noobcon – Dave Firth Bard



DFB’s All-Alpha deck for the Wizards Tourney


DFB’s Noobon Deck



Episode 4: Sindbad

Just learned this card was not called “Sinbad” after googling it to find a pic.






Am not running Timetwister here, which may be a mistake.  I give up the broken early Twisters to not draw a dead card later when I been doing work filling up the yard.  Deck could also run a Transmute or two, but that would likely mean cutting lands for Fellwars, and I wanna keep my land count high for Sindbad.  Channel also a consideration.  Ring of Renewal is real spicy here as well.



When laying out this Enchantress deck I realized it is likely too hungry for U and G mana to really run Land Tax (again if only Enchantress cost G1!)  I did keep white in the deck for Spirit Link, which seems counterintuitive, but Spirit Link is good on turn 5 while Land Tax gets a lot worse as turns go by.  Deck should certainly pay Tutor as well, but wanted more room for the spicy stuff.